Mary Russell Simms, born with a serious hearing impairment, is the great granddaughter of William Franklin [Frank] Smith and Sarah Frances Buchanan Smith who figure prominently in both Potpourri books as well as the Smith Family Curse book.  Mary is the granddaughter of Thomas Alvin Smith and Nora Olive Jones Smith, and daughter of  Doyle Russell and Frances J. Smith Russell.   Because of her severe hearing loss, Mary has spent over four years researching the cause of her handicap.  The Smith Family Curse tells the facts that were  uncovered during that search.  The 2008 Smith Clan Potpourri as well as the 2011 Smith Clan Potpourri are spin offs of the original Smith Family Curse book.   

Dozens of personal interviews were necessary to compile the hearing loss information.  Most members of the Smith Clan had lost touch with each other many years ago.  These family interviews sparked the desire to re-connect with other family members---and the Smith Clan Reunion idea was created.  So far there have been three large family reunions held near the old Smith Clan ancestral homesteads located in Noble Oklahoma and in Moffat County Colorado. Mary serves as Smith  Clan Reunion coordinator and plans a fourth Smith Clan reunion in Oklahoma in 2013.   

Mary lives in Lexington, South Carolina, near her son David, his wife Faye, and her two grandsons,  Tyler and Cole Simms.   She also has a second son, Randy Raasch, who makes his home in North Dakota with his wife, Vivian,  and their three children---Zack, Jen, and Jess.

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